Wednesday, 30 September 2015

We're going on a road trip

Just thought I would share this little photo with you all.

As I was driving to the office yesterday I was greeted by the Belvoir 15.

I fully expected to find a farm hand coming along behind but no.

They could of been a scene from Wallace & Gromit on the great escape.

I think somebody should have told them that Yarndale was last weekend don't you.

Hope you're all having a good day on this the last day of September.



  1. Maybe they were looking for Mary.

    1. May be I hadn't thought of that.

  2. Or maybe they were on the run from Little Bo Peep! Baaaaaa

  3. What a lovely photo. They obviously had somewhere they needed to be.

  4. Brings back lots of memories of when I lived in the north of Scotland. Sometimes as we were walking to school, a sheep would start walking in front of us, then another sheep would think the first sheep was going somewhere and would tag along, then a third and fourth sheep would decide to tag along and before we knew it we were driving a small herd along the road. X

  5. Just love this photo ...

    All the best Jan