Sunday, 23 August 2015

Summer Holidays Weeks 3/4

From time to time D sends me these little ditties on my email, he obviously doesn't have enough work to do, but sometimes they are just so me.

This one in particular is definitely me.  
Last Wednesday I was convinced it was Thursday and even when he had told me it wasn't I still asked which bin needed to go out in the morning for the dustbin men. Our bins are emptied on a Friday so quite clearly I was still a day a head of myself.

It's getting to that time of year again when the combine harvesters are out and hay bales start appearing all over the landscape.  I love them but they mean one thing to me and that is that although we are still in August, Autumn is just around the corner.

This week I had another sneaky day off to spend with D and number 3. 
We took ourselves off on another train ride, this time up to Durham.
I have never been to the City before, even though my grandmother was from County Durham. 
She came from a small mining village called Wingate and her father and brothers were all miners.
My grandmother and all her siblings (she was one of seven) moved away mostly down south so there was never any need to return.  I did return to her village about 10 years ago but it was nothing how it would have been when she was a girl. 

Durham was a beautiful place. The Cathedral was stunning.  

Unfortunately there is no photography inside so I've had to borrow an image from the internet to be able to show the Miners Memorial.

I know I made my anniversary cake this month but keeping up with my make or bake I have also had ago at making chocolate mousse.
It took a lot of egg whites that for sure but it was yummy.
The recipe is a Raymond Blanc or should I say his mothers and can be found here

A quick update on the Fairy Queen is that she now has her wings and I am now back to working on the rest of her dress.

Today being Sunday therefore cross-stitch Sunday I will be putting a few more stitches to her later on today.

It's actually been more like cross stitch any day of late.
I am still working on a couple crochet projects which I will update you on next time, but for the most part I have been working on a gift for my friend who is a Quilter and makes the most amazing things on her sewing machine.
I saw this cross-stitch for Quilters at the Festival of Quilts and very sneakily bought the chart so that I can make it for her either for her birthday or Christmas depending how quickly I can get it completed, her birthday is also in December so no pressure really.
Since taking this photograph yesterday whilst having a lazy day in the garden I have almost but not quite completed all the stitching along the bottom with just the border to go.
So one month in from the festival and I will have completed the bottom half of the chart. If I can keep up the pace I should get it finished in plenty of time.

So what are you going to do with your Sunday?
As for me it's another cuppa before deciding what to do with the rest of the day.
The sun is shining so it may mean another day of pottering around the garden it's looking a bit like an undiscovered rural aspect in some spots out there, still the butterflies, bees and birds are loving it.

Have a great week one and all.



  1. What a busy time you've been having. Nice to break up the week by having odd days off and even nicer when you get to have such fun days out too.
    I like the little saying at the top, sums me up perfectly some days.
    Well done on the stitching, you're friend is going to be pleased as punch when she opens her gift.
    Lisa x

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes it has been a little busier than usual around here. I usually take a bit more time off over the summer to fit in around number 3 but it's just proven to be a little bit more difficult this summer with new members of staff and just busy in general in the office, I'm not getting to comment as much as usual but I am still trying to keep up with everyone's blogs so I am still keeping an eye on you all even if I don't comment......

  2. I love doing cross stitch, but it seems to take so long for a result, yours is coming along so quickly! Good to get some time away and those chocolate mouses look very yummy xx

    1. I cannot draw to save my life unlike my eldest son, so my way of creating art is to do cross stitch. I tend to pick large projects which inevitably take a time to do so having the Quilter to do in between times is quite nice.

  3. I wrote recently on my blog about my trip to Northumberland with school. Durham Cathedral was another place we visited on that trip, somewhere I've always remembered as it's stunning. Number 3 must have been thrilled to have visited with his love of cathedrals. It's somewhere I'd love to visit again. Have you ever visited Beamish? It's a wonderful museum and may be of interest to you with relatives coming from the area. You're doing so well with the Fairy Queen, that hasn't taken you long. I love the other cross stitch you're doing for your friend too and would love to know more about the magnifier you're using, I definitely need one and would love to know if it's good and if so, what make it is. I do like a recommendation. Yes, autumn is definitely around the corner and I'm so sad about that as summer is my favourite season yet we don't seem to have had one this year. Oh well, there's time yet, though going by the thunder storm we had yesterday and the subsequent flooding in the area, I'm not holding my breath.

    1. Heard lots about Beamish but not yet got to visit. Maybe it can be on the list of places for next year. Both cross stitch projects are coming along. I've had my magnifier a number of years. Mine was from Hobbycraft but I don't think they sell they anymore having had a quick look on the internet if you put Clip on magnifier for needlework into the search engine you will get no end of results and from £16 up. I've just bought a 3 in one lite that has a light/magnifier and that has been great for working in the evening but I still use the clip on if I am sat in the garden or if I take it away with me.

  4. You're lucky to have good weather today.... it's been horrible since midday in Worcestershire. Your cross-stitch projects are lovely. Jx

    1. I think we are definitely heading towards Autumn whether we like it or not and even though it's mid August it doesn't feel like it out there today. I am really enjoying getting back into my cross stitching again.

  5. What a lovely day out for all with both a train trip and the Cathedral. I think we've passed through County Durham when we've been over, but never stopped. Both cross stitch pieces are amazing and well done you. Our Sunday was overcast, but not too cold and we visited friends to drop off some packing boxes and ended up having afternoon tea with them, but I did get some gardening done in the morning. Take care.

    1. Number 3 has two obsessions at the moment trains and cathedrals so it was a win win for him. I only got back into cross stitch again at the beginning of the year but I am little obsessed with it myself.

  6. When I see your cross-stitch projects it reminds me how enjoyable it is, I haven't done a cross stitch for ages. Durham cathedral looks very beautiful and interesting X

    1. Hadn't done any for a while but suddenly got the itch to do another project at the beginning of the year and I'm afraid to say I'm hooked again with a list of projects I'd like to do. That is of course in addition to any crochet projects and knitting I may want to do too. Just not enough hours.

  7. Sounds as though you have been having great times enjoying yourself! Your stitching looks beautiful! xx

  8. Hi there I have been doing some blog hopping and reading!
    Came across from Jo's blog AND I love that top caption ...

    Your stitching looks beautiful.

    All the best Jan

  9. Isn't Durham a beautiful place? We live just 10miles away and we love to visit for a good shopping day :)