Sunday, 26 July 2015

Schools out for summer

So there we are the last of the schools have now broken up for the summer and so it begins.

I'm bored!!!

Having been looking forward to breaking up for weeks just how many times are you likely to hear those words over the forthcoming weeks?
Then there will be the annual rugby scrum in order to get the new school uniform and as we head towards the last two weeks of the holidays parents everywhere will be on countdown until the new school year begins.
Thankfully we are down to the last of the brood to be going through the school system. Number 3 is very much into trains at the moment so on the days I am working I get the feeling that D will be spending an awful amount of time sat at level crossings. Fortunately number 3 has found an app that gives him live information as to the times that the trains will pass through each of the local level crossings.

So how have you spent the last week of the school year. I have spent mine reading the new Harper Lee novel 'Go Set A Watchman'. For anyone who doesn't know 'Go Set A Watchman' is set twenty years after 'To Kill A Mockingbird' and Scout (Jean Louise) is now a young woman.  You will remember that as a child she idolized her father Atticus as a lot if little girls do and sometimes in reality they are not quite the most perfect human beings that we think they are and this is the realsation that Scout has to come to terms with. I really enjoyed it I know it's had a lot of mixed reviews and yes I do still prefer 'To Kill A Mockingbird' but then that was part of my growing up too and was always one of my favourites so this one would of had to have gone someway in order to beat it.

I have also read one of my childhood favourites this week.  How many of you read the 'What Katy Did' series of books?  This was another one that I went on to read to my daughter when she was a little girl. I wonder if this is one she remembers will have to check. For anyone who doesn't know Katy Carr is the eldest of five children and who lives with her father who is a doctor and her aunt Izzie. Sadly her mother died and Aunt Izzie came to live with them to help her father look after the children. Katy is a bit of a Tom boy and gets herself in all sorts of scrapes.  Unfortunately Katy chooses not to listen to her aunt when she is told not to use the new swing and has an accident which finds her confined to her bed unable to walk and with the possibility that she may not walk again and so the story goes on to deal with how Katy will cope with her new situation.  The strangest part of reading this book again was that whilst travelling home from work I was as usual listening to Simon Mayo and he was interviewing Jacqueline Wilson about her new book. What I hadn't realised is that she has now written a modern version of this story called 'Katy'.  My friends daughter is a huge JW fan and is eagerly awaiting the release of her new book.  It will be interesting to see how she has interpreted Katy's story.

We've had another little visitor to The Willows this week.  We had a few days of rain and we have a shaded area behind the Den and there sitting in the sunshine was this little fellow.

Now I know he wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea but I'm sure most of us would have to admit to having kissed a few frogs before we found our prince and even then some turned out to be a toad.

We have recently moved the little bird house. It used to sit on the side of my den but we have new neighbours who have a cat and he had taken a liking to either sitting on top of the den or actually on top of the bird house so it had to be moved.  It is now up by the cottage and D wasn't sure if the birds would still use it.  Well after a couple weeks they have decided it is safe to use and when I get up at stupid O'Clock of a morning I have been lucky enough to watch our winged visitors having their breakfast. I knew they had found it as I am still having to refill the feeders during the week 

And lastly do you remember earlier in the year I made a baby blanket based on the colours of Frozen that was the inspiration of Heather at Little Tin Bird?

Well yesterday I received this lovely photograph of my friends granddaughter making good use of her blanket for snuggle time. 
Isn't she gorgeous?

Well that's it from me but before I go I have now signed up to Instagram. Yes I know last one to the party again, so you can now find me there here.

Have a lovely week one & all I have a friend coming for lunch so better get myself organised.



  1. Now the Katy books I did read as a child and my daughter also read them. I love frogs, even as a little girl, much to my mother's horror. Must get some pics of the birds that are visiting our garden and put on blog. The rug looks good and must get used (great). "Instagram"! I've noticed that lots of people who blog and then start "I", then stop blogging. Hope you won't be one of them. Take care.

    1. I also read the My Naughty Little Sister books as a child, I can't remember the stories now but may be they will be another revisit before the end of the year. I am enjoying Instagram by the very name it is instant but you only load one photo at a time and I tend to take a lot so I will continue blogging.

  2. 'What Katy Did' and the sequel 'What Katy Did Next' were two of my childhood favourites! Would love to re-read them, must look out for copies. X

    1. As I send in my reply email. If you have a kindle, iPad or tablet you can download the Kindle app for free and a lot of the children's classics are free to download.

  3. Your friends granddaughter is beautiful isn't she! I haven't read TKAM or the new one, so cannot comment, but I am interested to read them both now having heard so much about them. I read the Katy books in my childhood, and they are on my someday to read again list! Glad you enjoyed them both. xx

    1. To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my all time favourites and it was nice to catch up with characters again in Go Set A Watchman but I think TKAM will always be the better out of the two for me at least. I did enjoy What Katy Did may even go on to read the other two Katy books at some stage in the future.

  4. I read some of the Katy books and loved them.
    There have been so many mixed reviews of the new HL book, good to hear you enjoyed it.
    I love the photo of your friend's grand-daughter, she looks so sweet.
    Lisa x

    1. I think they are every little girls must read and I did enjoy reading it again. Yes I am glad that I read the new HL book it was very good but out of the two I think TKAM will always be my favourite. And yes my friends grand-daughter is lovely isn't she, she looks very much like her aunt as a child rather than her dad. And they love the blanket so all is good.

  5. How funny just joined intsagram myself this week. I'm off to have a look at your pics x