Thursday, 16 July 2015

Hush a bye baby and Little boy blue

I suppose when you work in a hospital in a team where the majority of the nurses are female and  younger than you and of childbearing age it is inevitable that from time to time some will go off on maternity leave. Not just maternity leave there have been those who have gone on adoption leave too. 

It has become a bit of tradition since I took on my post that when someone goes on maternity or adoption leave that I make them a baby blanket. They have always been well received and I have always had such lovely comments and usually a photograph of their new off spring snuggled up under their blanket sent to me. I have quite a collection now.

There are currently two such members of staff due to go on leave in August in preparation of the arrival of their little bundles in September. 

Therefore as with tradition two baby blankets have been made.

This is my hush a bye baby blanket for one of our lovely consultants who is due to have her third child in September. She doesn't know whether its a pink one or a blue one so I went for lemon, mint and white, using Babycare DK by Woolcraft. 

I have used this wool on so many occasions. 
In fact after five years of making these for colleagues I am a little hard pressed to remember how many I have made over the years.

This one is my Little boy blue blanket for one of our nurses who is also due in September. She knows she is having a boy which makes my choice of colour and wool a lot easier. 
This one is made in Aran weight wool. Again it is by Woolcraft and is 20% Wool and 80% acrylic. 

Both will be able to go in a washing machine and a tumble dryer at a low temperature. Knowing how precious your time can be when you have a young baby I don't see the point in adding more stress by giving them a blanket that has to be washed by hand and has to be dried in a particular way. Although I have been reliably informed by a  colleague who I made a blanket for, when he and his wife were expecting their first baby,  his wife was so worried that she would ruin it she insisted on washing it by hand and letting it dry naturally.  

So that's another two off the production line but I have been reliably informed  that the stork is due to visit the ward again in December so it looks like another blanket will be started very soon.



  1. They're lovely, such a wonderful gift to give a mum to be.

  2. They're beautiful, I can just imagine the babies snuggled up in those. ;-)

  3. They're absolutely beautiful. The recipients will be thrilled with them and I'm sure the blankets will be treasured. They're both so different yet both fabulous.

  4. Aren't they both lovely. I like the colourway of that first one. I'm sure they are very much appreciated, such a kind and thoughtful gift.
    Lisa x

  5. What a lovely thing to do. They are beautiful and I'm sure will be treasured. I have L's baby blanket still- knitted fifteen years ago for me by a family friend. I love it. x

  6. What lovely blankets. I love the blue one. Jo x

  7. What a beautiful, personal gift to give, I am sure each and every one is treasured! X

  8. They are both beautiful, though I do like the top one best. What lucky recipients of your time and talent. It made me remember when I worked in the bank many years ago and making small quilts for my colleagues when they had babies. Now most are for family and close friends or charity. How times change. Anyway well done and look forward to seeing the next one. Take care.

  9. They are both lovely, that is so thoughtful of you! I always make for family and, if possible which it hasn't been lately as there have been so many new babies, close friends too. A handmade gift is so special I think. I love them both and I'm sure they will too xx

  10. You certainly are kept busy! What wonderful and thoughtful gifts that I am sure are well appreciated! xx