Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Bank Holiday Weekend

Here in the UK we have just had a Bank Holiday Weekend, which generally means the weather will not be favorable.

But there were the odd moments when the sun decided to make an appearance.
Out in the garden my plants finally seem to be waking up.

Down at the duck pond we have babies aren't they just the cutest bundles of fluff.

and when the sun has decided not to make an appearance gave me the opportunity to finish my cable cushion, add the beads to my cross stitch (which were the fiddliest things ever) and start another crochet project a baby blanket for one of my lovely Consultants.

and of course there was the opportunity to finish another book.

What did you do with your weekend?


Sunday, 10 May 2015

Another week over


In amongst the wind and the rain we did get a brief interlude of sunshine and spent a couple of hours sitting in the garden watching the birds find the new feeder we've put up.
The Blue Tit family are thriving in my neighbours nesting box. They tell me the box has been up there over twenty years and to their knowledge this is the first time they have had Blue Tits nesting in it.

I have a pretty long drive to work everyday and yes sometimes it's a drag but just at the moment there is lots to see and if I am lucky I have my camera with me and the time to stop.

Speaking of work I needed to go out this weekend to purchase a new pair of sensible shoes for work.
D calls them my policewomen shoes, but when you work in a hospital with 27 miles of corridors and your office is not on the same floor as the wards you are attached to it makes sense to me to have a pair of shoes that are comfortable. Besides I generally wear trousers, again for comfort, so who is going to be looking at my feet.
They are from a company called hotter, they do a lot more modern shoes and boots too but I have to tell you so far they are the most comfortable shoes I have owned in a long time and I will definitely be looking at their website for a pair of boots for the winter.

WIP's well I have now completed the front of my cushion and have started on the back.  The back is moss stitch so not quite so taxing on the grey matter.  I have been asked what pattern this is from.  It is a Sirdar book called Living with Aran Book number 276 and I have checked their website and it is still available. There are also a lot of free patterns available Garn Studio and they have some cable cushion patterns to download.

Having completed the The Dark Sorceress I finally managed to track down the right size and colour evenweave which arrived yesterday I have been able to start my next project The Fairy Queen. I am working on the middle section.

I have also completed my return to my childhood read for May.
I can remember my mother reading Rikki-Tikki Tavi to me when I was a child. I was always a lot shorter than my peers and I think my mother read this story to me to instil in me that it doesn't matter how small you are you can still achieve great things if you put your mind to it.

And speaking of books if you are looking for a good read over the next Bank Holiday weekend I would highly recommend The last days of Rabbit Hayes it is brilliantly written and although it is about a women with a terminal illness coming to the end of her journey it is written with such sensitivity and good old Irish humour that you won't be left feeling sad.

Well that's all from me I hope you've all had a good weekend 


Monday, 4 May 2015

Ta Dah moment


As you will all remember I set myself a challenge this year to pick up cross stitch again.  I used to always have something on the hoop but that seems to have dropped off in recent years. This is mainly due to time but I decided that my Sundays would become Cross Stitch Sunday and so began my return to stitching.

I started The Dark Sorceress around Christmas and have been stitching away most Sundays and any other free moments where I could.  I finally put the last stitch in yesterday and now she has been washed and pressed and is ready to go for framing.  But now here is my dilemma.  This chart is part of Magical Cross Stitch and there are two other cross stitches The Earth Goddess & The Fairy Queen. My intention is to stitch these two as well but it will take me sometime to finish all three, especially as I ordered the evenweave fabric to start the next one only to realise yesterday that I ordered the wrong colour.  We have framers in our village and I know they will do a fantastic job but my dilemma is do I get The Dark Sorceress framed now or do I wait until all three have been completed.  I did even toy with the idea of having them framed as a triptych but now I have seen how big she is I don't think that would work in terms of wall space in a very small cottage.  


Meanwhile I decided I would start another project whilst I am deciding what to do and whilst trying to track down a piece of eveweave in the right size and colour.  


This is what my latest project will eventually look like (the blue cushion) I may even give the throw ago afterwards as it's such an easy pattern.  I like the white cushion too so maybe I will give that one ago as well. Decisions, decisions.

Here in the UK it's a bank holiday weekend (no work today) unfortunately the weather has not been very kind, blowing a hooley and raining. 
I hope it's been a little kinder wherever you are.