Monday, 15 December 2014

Let the miracles begin....

So here we are on count down to when the craziness will begin.

Here at The Willows the tree is up,  the cards are written and posted and all the parcels  are wrapped.

Isn't he just the cutest

The four paws have all been to the groomers to have their pre Christmas shampoo and set.

Finished knitting the cowls for the colleagues at work 
but  I forgot in my eagerness to get them finished and wrapped  to take any photo's (Ooops)

I finish work this Friday and not back until 5th January and I can't wait.
 Obviously I have told my Consultants that I am devastated at the prospect of not seeing them for two whole weeks and I think I got away with it. 


The big clean will take place this weekend prior to family arriving next week and just in case the Queen decides to pay a visit on route to Sandringham (Well you never know if someone has the need for a wee stop)

and of course the inevitable food shop where we buy enough food to feed the village because the Supermarkets are closed for 24hrs

 and before you know it the whole thing will be over and another year will have commenced. 

Each year we put ourselves through this vowing each year that next year we won't go to all this trouble knowing full well that this time next year we will be doing exactly the same all over again. 

How are your preparations going?
Are you still feeling this side of sane?