Sunday, 30 November 2014

Mr Postman

Just recently there have been one or two (OK may be more) little deliveries to The Willows with my name on it. I have been very excited about them (not hard to please).

It started because I wanted to make a blanket like this by Heather at Little Tin Bird. I managed to get some of the colours locally but then the rest I ordered from Wool Warehouse which many of you have mentioned here in blogland but who I had never ordered from before.  

Their presentation is fantastic.  I love the organza bags that they use to keep your wool safe on it's journey to you and of course you can use them again and again

I have been making cowls for Christmas presents using Drops Andes which knits or crochets to a super chunky pattern and is 65% wool and 35% Alpaca.

and Drops Polaris which is 100% wool

I  have also discovered Garnstudio's some time ago where you can find lots of wonderful patterns that are free to download to use with your Drops Wool.

I am also a little in love with Drops Big Delight which is 100% wool,  Aran weight and I have a very special project in mind for this.

At the beginning of the month I went off to Cornwall for a friends special birthday and as you know I made the Mind, Body & Spirit blanket for her to help her on her road to recovery from breast cancer.

I'm surprised she managed to get it as her sister had quite taken a fancy to it and I did think we would have to check her car before we left Cornwall to make sure it hadn't accidentally got mixed up with her things when she was packing her car. 

D had taken a liking for it and as he's just in the process of kitting out a new office he rather thought it would look good on a sofa he's bought to go in there. Instead he ordered some more Woodlander wool from Neil the Knit  and that has also arrived. 

Looks like I will be busy during my time off over the festive season. 

  I have also be sorting out my winter reads and as you can see I have quite a collection to get through

especially as the latest Amanda Prowse novel has also dropped through the letterbox this week never mind all those I have stored on my Kindle and the temptation every time I go to the supermarket.  

So what of that first blanket I wanted to make???

Well here it is

This is for a baby girl due in the New Year and will be a first grandchild for my old school friend. 
How did we get old enough to be having grandchildren.  

The wool used is Stylecraft Special DK using a 3.25 hook 
1003 Aster
1019 Cloud Blue
1034 Sherbert
1084 Magenta
1422 Aspen
1188 Lavender
1068 Turqoise

It too one ball of each accept for Sherbert and it took two as this was the colour I used to join the squares and to finish off the edging.

Well that's it from me 

Have a good week one & all



  1. Hi Mitzi, Your baby blanket is beautiful, I love the colours and the edging, a very special gift.
    I get so excited for any wool order but the organza bag from w/wharehouse is a treat, great for sorting stashes out and to protect finished crafts.
    Quite some reading pile you have, enjoy
    OH MY DAYS-December!

    1. Hi Helen,

      The bags are great for keeping all your projects in order especially if you have more than one on the go which most of do don't we... I am quite an avid reader and there are times when I wake up at stupid O'clock and instead of lying there trying to get back to sleep I will read for a while and then go back off until it is my normal time to get up.

  2. What a lot of deliveries you've had at The Willows just lately, yarn deliveries are the best kind. I've never used Drops, there was a stand at Yarndale but it proved to be very popular and I couldn't get near. I see your reading pile has grown again, I'm trying to get my books finished off in time for Christmas as I think a Kindle my appear in my stocking. Your latest blanket is beautiful, it will be a much treasured gift.

    1. If you get the opportunity to try the Drops wool it is lovely and such reasonable money as most of it is either 100% wool or a Wool and Alpaca mix. Yep you got me the reading pile has grown somewhat again. Is there some sort of therapy for people who can;t stop buying books?? I am off for the two weeks over Christmas and I am looking forward to doing a lot of crafting and reading in between visits from the big kids. As far as I know I have two out of the three big ones for Christmas and number one is coming at some point after christmas as he is working over christmas.

  3. Wow, you've certainly had some deliveries. I must see what the Wool Warehouse has to offer as Jo told me the deliver worldwide.
    Love the baby blanket and don't know how you get through so much reading. I never seem to have enough time in the day to read properly. Have a geat week and take care.

    1. They do seem reasonable on price at the Wool Warehouse and swift delivery. I placed an order on Thursday thinking it would arrive today and it came on Saturday. The baby blanket is rather lovely, my friend has seen a photo and thinks her daughter in law is going to love it. I got back into reading about 18 months ago and now I can get through 1-2 books a week depending on the size of the book.
      Hope you find something nice at the Wool Warehouse.

  4. It looks as though you are going to be very busy this month indeed with all that lovely yarn to use and the big stack of books to read! I hope that you have lots of fun. xx

    1. It certainly looks that way. I have the whole of Christmas off this year from the 19th Dec. to 5th Jan and I intend doing a lot of reading and crafting and general R & R in between family visiting and I can't wait.....

  5. I love packages arriving in the post! All your yarns are beautiful; the baby blanket colours are very beautiful, what a special gift that will be X

    1. There is something very special about the anticipated arrival of a package whether its yarn or books I still get very excited when I see the post arriving.

  6. You seem to have made a healthy addition to the wool stash recently. I hope you have loads of fun making it all up! The baby blanket is gorgeous..... the colours are fabulous together. Jx

    1. I have plans for all of it. The colours of the blanket are those of Frozen so I am reliably informed having not seen the film.

  7. I like the look of those cowls, so chunky and the colours are wonderful. I like the colours you've chosen for the baby blanket, perfect fora little girl.
    You are going to be extremely busy, no change there though!
    Lisa x

    1. The cowls are lovely and they knit up so quick. They are for xmas pressies for colleagues at work but I am quite tempted to make one for me too.

      Always busy I'd cause too much mischief and mayhem if I wasn't.

  8. Plenty of reading and lots of yarn, perfect winter pastimes! Your baby blanket is lovely xx

    1. Certaily lots to keep me out of mischief:-)