Sunday, 30 November 2014

Mr Postman

Just recently there have been one or two (OK may be more) little deliveries to The Willows with my name on it. I have been very excited about them (not hard to please).

It started because I wanted to make a blanket like this by Heather at Little Tin Bird. I managed to get some of the colours locally but then the rest I ordered from Wool Warehouse which many of you have mentioned here in blogland but who I had never ordered from before.  

Their presentation is fantastic.  I love the organza bags that they use to keep your wool safe on it's journey to you and of course you can use them again and again

I have been making cowls for Christmas presents using Drops Andes which knits or crochets to a super chunky pattern and is 65% wool and 35% Alpaca.

and Drops Polaris which is 100% wool

I  have also discovered Garnstudio's some time ago where you can find lots of wonderful patterns that are free to download to use with your Drops Wool.

I am also a little in love with Drops Big Delight which is 100% wool,  Aran weight and I have a very special project in mind for this.

At the beginning of the month I went off to Cornwall for a friends special birthday and as you know I made the Mind, Body & Spirit blanket for her to help her on her road to recovery from breast cancer.

I'm surprised she managed to get it as her sister had quite taken a fancy to it and I did think we would have to check her car before we left Cornwall to make sure it hadn't accidentally got mixed up with her things when she was packing her car. 

D had taken a liking for it and as he's just in the process of kitting out a new office he rather thought it would look good on a sofa he's bought to go in there. Instead he ordered some more Woodlander wool from Neil the Knit  and that has also arrived. 

Looks like I will be busy during my time off over the festive season. 

  I have also be sorting out my winter reads and as you can see I have quite a collection to get through

especially as the latest Amanda Prowse novel has also dropped through the letterbox this week never mind all those I have stored on my Kindle and the temptation every time I go to the supermarket.  

So what of that first blanket I wanted to make???

Well here it is

This is for a baby girl due in the New Year and will be a first grandchild for my old school friend. 
How did we get old enough to be having grandchildren.  

The wool used is Stylecraft Special DK using a 3.25 hook 
1003 Aster
1019 Cloud Blue
1034 Sherbert
1084 Magenta
1422 Aspen
1188 Lavender
1068 Turqoise

It too one ball of each accept for Sherbert and it took two as this was the colour I used to join the squares and to finish off the edging.

Well that's it from me 

Have a good week one & all


Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I am very thankful that my son returned home from Afghanistan earlier this year.
 Today makes me think about the 453 service personnel who have lost their lives during this conflict.

It also reminds us of all those who have gone before and given their lives in order for us to live the lives we do. 

As you all know this year I made and sold crochet poppies with the hope of raising £100.
Through the generosity of the work colleagues and the general public I have managed to far exceed this expectation by raising the grand sum of


This year the money will be going to the Royal British Legion's 

Who carryout fantastic work in helping injured service personnel from all three services.


Monday, 3 November 2014

A wonderful weekend in conwall & my Mind, Body & Spirit Blanket

Earlier this year a close family friend had some terrible news when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In the ensuing months she has undergone chemotherapy and is now undergoing radiotherapy treatment.

So far her prognosis is good and I have everything crossed that this will continue.

This weekend was a weekend of celebration when she celebrated her 50th Birthday with a surprise party organised by her partner and family.
This was no mean fete but they managed to pull it off although by next weekend I think they would tripped themselves up and let the cat out of the bag so it's just as well it was this Saturday.  

This beautiful cake was made by her niece and having tasted it, not only was it beautiful to look at but it tasted gorgeous too.

So what do you give as a gift to a lady who has had what can only be described as annus horribilis 

Back in April we went to Scotland and whilst there I found this lovely Woodlander wool which I also included in my Sunflower Anniversary giveaway won by Jo at Through the Keyhole

I had started making up my granny squares 

and had reached the blocking out stage, when I found out about the surprise party.

I knew immediately what I had to do.

Finish my latest project

Which I then named 'The Mind, Body & Spirit' blanket.

It has been made with lots of love and will hopefully aid her recovery.

As she and her partner told me yesterday they are looking forward to snuggling up on the settee watching TV over the coming winter months. 

I just loved this wool it was lovely to work with and is a wool I will definitely use again. You can't see properly in this photograph but the wool is all beautiful earthy tones almost like the elements, full of all the healing properties that she is going to need to get her well again.

It was a whistle stop trip

but I had to go and see the sea

and fill my lungs with good Cornish sea air

before returning home

I have many happy memories of Cornish holidays with the children and have photographs of them sitting in the ruin of this tin mine.

It was always a dream of mine to one day live in a little cottage down in Cornwall. 
Well I have the cottage just not in Cornwall.  
Unfortunately I think this will always remain a dream but a lovely dream to have don't you think and a good excuse to have to go back.

Hope you all have a great week.