Sunday, 26 October 2014

When the clocks go back

So did you all remember to put your clocks back?

With the clocks going back last night I won't be sights like this for a while.

It will not only will it be dark when I leave home of a morning it will now be dark when I return home of an evening.

Over the weekend I made the most of the dryer autumn weather and took the four paws out for a walk on the wild side.

Having popped into town I also used the trip as an opportunity to drop my 55 little hats for Innocent Big Knit 2014 into our local branch of Age Uk 

Earlier in the year I had read the book Cider with Rosie as one of my return to school reads. When Jo at Through the Keyhole showed an interest in reading it I was more than happy to pop it in the post.


When I got home from work on Thursday evening I had little parcel waiting for me from Jo. When I saw it I thought I don't remember the book being that big....

When I opened it up I had a lovely surprise.  Not only had Jo sent me my book back but had also enclosed a second book The list of my desires that she thought I might like to read and a beautiful card with two beautiful Cavaliers on the front as a thank you which I thought was a lovely thing to do. 

I have been busy working my way through my October reads as part of  Year in Books Project  and as we approach the end of October I will soon be revealing my November reads.

For some of us this next week is a school holiday so.
I hope you all have a great week.


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The LAFTAS 2014

Here in Lincolnshire we have an annual event for schools called The LAFTAS  The LAFTAS Film Awards showcases and celebrates the work of pupils in Lincolnshire who have been involved in the art of film making in school. 

The  patron of the LAFTAS just happens to be Jim Broadbent who I best remember as Mr. Clock in the Borrowers but has more recently been in the Harry Potter films. The LAFTAS have been going for seven years now and each year Jim Broadbent gives up his valuable time to sift through all the films submitted of which there were some 200 for 2014. 

Each year number 3's previous school would make short films which would be shown to us parents at the summer concert and each year the films would then be submitted to the LAFTAS. This summer before  number 3 left to start his new school he and his classmates had made a short film entitled 'Looking for the BFG' and guess what they made it through to the final three in the 'Special schools and nurture' category. This was a first for his school so as you can imagine the children and teachers and especially the Head were extremely excited about it all. 

So last night we had to don our best bib and tucker which meant a new dress for moi new suits for D and number 3 and we did look very smart even if I do say so myself.  Didn't get a chance to take family pic so you will just have to trust me on this one.  Having never been to this event before we weren't quite sure what to expect but I have to say it was a truly brilliant night.  

Now I would like to say we had arrived in style in this stretch limo but then that would be a big fat fib.

We were however greeted by several Storm Troopers 

and Batman

Number 3 got a cuddle off an Ewok (who I have to say has a striking resemblance to me when I'm not dressed in my best and I'm having a bad hair day) and there were two other characters who apparently were from Resident Evil but I wouldn't have known that had I not asked them. 

LAFTAs 2014 - Gallery

The entertainment was provided by the Boston Youth Jazz Orchestra who were fantastic.  The music and the voices of those kids was amazing. 

Everything was set out just as it would be at the BAFTAS with all the nominees sitting at round tables in front of the stage.  The only downside being that due to the noise number 3 and a couple of his peers had to spend the entire evening with ear defenders on.  Note to the organizers not a good idea to put autistic kids on the table right in front of the band......still they had a brilliant night and felt very grown up sitting with their teachers at the big tables whilst all us mums and dads had seats at the back.  As you can imagine there was a lot of clapping and cheering involved and I'm sure I am not the only one with sore hands and a little hoarse today.

Number 3's school came runner up in his category  but as he said himself to be in the last three was an amazing achievement in itself.  Which we thought was very mature of a child with ASD to think especially as it is very true.  But I still think their submission was the better one not that I'm at all biased you understand.  But in truth all the films submitted were brilliant and it just goes to show the amount of talent out there in  Lincolnshire. So far number 3's new school have not taken part in the LAFTAS but since hearing that GHS had got through this year has certainly given number 3's new teacher something to think about.  So maybe we will be back to the LAFTAS again before too long and maybe we should re-name number 3 Steven Spielberg.....

Hope you're all coping with the windy weather that seems to be upon us at the moment.  I think Autumn has definitely arrived now even if my garden still thinks otherwise.

Have a good week one and all


Monday, 13 October 2014


Having raised £85 last year which I donated to Help for Heroes I  set myself a challenge for this year to make 40 poppies to sell with all the proceeds again going to charity.

Over the weekend I did a craft fair and I took a long my prepared poppies in the hopes that I may sell at least 10 of them.

I have to say I was amazed at the response and I am pleased to be able to tell you that I managed 
to sell a staggering 


I ask for a minimum donation of £2.50 and so far I have raised 


As I have another craft fair in two weeks and was hoping to take some poppies to this fair as well it now means that I am beavering away making some more, but I am not complaining by any means I am just so taken aback at how fast they have all gone. 
 I actually thought making and expecting to sell all 40 was a little optimistic but I will know better for the future won't I, especially as colleagues at work are also asking whether I will be making them to sell again this year. 

A busy time a head I feel.


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Number 26 come on down

Did your favourite win?


So GBBO has finished for another year.


What will we do with our Wednesday evenings now without Paul & Mary on our screens.

More crafting maybe???

But more about that later......

for now I am continuing with my autumn reads 


Educating Rita: Novel (A Star book): Peter Chepstow, Willy Russell

My return to school read for October. 
 I first read Educating Rita some 30+ years ago and then number 1 son read it for his GCSE and I got to read it again I really enjoyed it where he wasn't so keen.
So did I still enjoy it this time around.


But meanwhile whilst having my usual cuddles with my furry boys 

 and my Saturday morning cuppa 

I did get to finish number 26 off my bookshelf
  'The Bay of Secrets' by Rosanna Ley.

Now I would like to say that this means I could go wild in the isles and buy more books but of course I have already gone a little wild buying lots of books on my Kindle and a few to replenish the  bookshelf ready for my winter reads.


Thursday, 2 October 2014

October already....

Image result for great british bake offWell that's it the Semi-final is over and we have our three finalists.

Bob the Builder
Fancy Nancy
King Louis

I can't believe that this time next week it will all be over and we will know who has been crowned the winner of Great British Bake Off 2014.

Who is your favourite to win.

I think my money might have to be on Bob the Builder, although I do like Fancy Nancy's so be it attitude and I do wonder whether King Louis is as much as a perfectionist at home, I think that would drive me a little insane. 

I was reading Penny from  The Homemade Heart's post about joining The year in Books project run by Laura from Circle of Pine Trees.  It's not too late to join for anyone who is interested.  Laura invites you to list the books that you are going to read across the month and then to make a recommendation or not as the case may be.  
Having popped over to have a look I've decided to join in with my 

Tea and Biscuits and A Good Book blog. I have made my selection for October and I am already making good headway with my first choice of  

but with the amount of books I seem to be getting through at the moment that selection might have a couple of additions by the end of October.


I cannot believe we will be at episode three of Downton Abbey this weekend

(a weekend what is a weekend)  wasn't that just one of the best lines from the very first series.

I'm not going to give anything away as I know there will be our friends across the pond eagerly awaiting the screening of Series five in the New Year.

Needless to say Lady Mary still has a lot of suitors and as per usual she can't decide who should be the lucky chap. Oh to have such a choice to make.....

And of course Lady Edith looks like she is going to get herself into yet another sticky wicket 

Mrs Crawley has an admirer much to the amusement of the Dowager Duchess

and of course below stairs Barrow continues to be the thorn in everyone's side.

What would Autumn be without Downton Abbey.

Now I know we don't like to mention the 'C' word 
the man with the big white beard 

to soon but as I know a lot of you will be looking for some new things to make as additions to your tree or decs in general  I thought I would share this with you.

I was looking at some of the free patterns over at Garn Studios and I came across these lovelies listed under 'Interiors'

and that's only a few of the lovely things they have on offer for free.

Most of you clever things will already know all about Garn Studios but you know me I am always the last one to find these things out and just in case there are any other behind the door people like me out there hope you find this useful.

Ok I am off to the day job