Wednesday, 30 July 2014

June/July Challenge Update

As it has been so hectic around here in the past couple of months, I didn't get to post a June update therefore, I decided I would do a combined two month update.

I'm afraid it has continued to be somewhat of a bookfest over the last couple of months. Well there has to be some advantages to having to sit on a train for work purposes doesn't there.  A total of 11 books have been devoured.  

Four of which have come off the 'Yet  to be read bookshelf'

The Girls in Blue - Lilly Baxter - Fiction

Wicked - Gregory Maguire - Fiction

Breaking the Silence - Casey Watson - Memoir

Songs of the Humpback Whale  - Jodi Picoult - Fiction

 bringing that total now up 17 and I intend to keep whittling them down to see how many are left by the end of the year.
Hopefully none, meaning I can replenish the shelf with yet more lovelies to read.

Two more back to school reads 

Cider with Rosie - Vintage (Laurie) Lee - Memoir

The Diary of a Young Girl - Anne Frank - Memoir

Three small purchases

Twelve Years A Slave - Solomon Northup - Memoir

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green - Fiction

Dry Grass of August - Anna Jean Mayhew - Fiction


Two book swaps

The Storyteller - Jodi Picoult - Fiction 

Memoirs of a Geisha  - Arthur Golden

My film of the month for June was 

Having watched the film last month I decided I needed to revisit her diary as my back to school read for July. 

I couldn't make up my mind what film to choose for July but in the end I decided to go with one of my absolute favourites.

Having read this as my first return to school read back in January I decided I really needed to see the film again just to remind myself how fantastic it is - and it didn't disappoint. 

As for my Poppies and BIG KNIT hats.

Well I managed to crochet the last of the Poppies last month only to discover I had run out of backs and buttons.  I now have both and just need to add to the last 16 to give a total of 40 Poppies all ready to sell later in the year.

I did learn one thing about myself last month and that it I have lost the ability to count. Having had a quick tot up of how many more hats I needed to knit to get me to my target of 50 I set about knitting  what I thought was the last five.  It was a beautiful sunny day so I parked myself in the garden needles to hand and duly knitted the last of my hats.

What did I discover?

On recounting I discovered I have now knitted 55 hats, still that's all the more for the BIG KNIT campaign isn't it.

I now just have all their little pom poms to make,  to make them bobble hats - only another 10 to go. 

So there we are all up to date.

I know I have been somewhat absent here in blogland due to work commitments but, trust me when I say I have been keeping an eye on you all even if I've not always had the time to comment or write a post.  I am hoping things are going to improve over the next few weeks as I am now a little jaded to say the least. With the summer holidays now upon us I am also hoping to take some well deserved time off to spend with D and number 3 before they forget what I look like, although no one has questioned who I am yet when I arrived home in the evening.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer sunshine whatever you may be doing.



  1. Your challenges are going really well. I've got To Kill A Mockingbird sat on my 'to read' pile. I read it for my O level but came across the book when I was sorting out some things of Daniel's as he'd studied it for his GCSE so I thought I'd reread it, I enjoyed it previously and I love the film too. The Fault In Our Stars is Eleanor's all time favourite book. She was first in the queue at the cinema when the film came out last month. Hope things calm down at work soon and that you can have a little more rest and relaxation at home while the good weather's here.

    1. Thanks Jo, I do hope so as the fuel tank is definitely starting to run on empty now....


  2. I remember reading Anne Frank and To Kill A Mocking Bird at school. I think I could read Anne Frank again but not the other one. I think having to read it at school and go through the ins and outs of it put me off a bit. I enjoy a book for the story not for what the author was trying to say to us! That's just me though. I did English Lit at school and enjoyed it but nowadays opportunities to read are few and far between and so are very sacred moments!

    1. Up to now To Kill A Mocking Bird has been my favorite return to school read. I enjoyed Anne Frank not sure I would want to read it again soon but I think it's a good read for girls approaching their teenage years, I know what you mean about teachers trying to get you to analyse books. It is hard to find the time when you have a busy family life to juggle as well as working. I have only got back into reading in the last year since my daughter went off to Uni there was definitely no time when the all the big kids were at home.

  3. Being able to read during your journey to and from work sounds a productive and an enjoyable way of using the time. I hope you're able to take that much needed break soon.

    1. It certainly makes the time go quicker. From next week I will be having a couple of days off per week throughout August to spend sometime with family so I am hoping come September I will feel a little rested.

  4. Well done on your hats and poppies!! They are great personal challenges and will make a big difference to others as well. xx

  5. Hi Mitzi - thank you for popping by my blog today, I hope you can use the beanier hat pattern. Amanda x

    1. I'm sure I will as working in a hospital with lots of young nurses there is always someone having a baby. Your giveaway looks lovely too have left a comment as requested,

  6. I'm still playing catch up from us being away the week before last!
    I love the poppies in your last post, all the nicer for self seeding aren't they as they are such a pretty surprise.
    You are doing well with your challenges, lots of books read.
    You are doing well with the hats and poppies too.
    Lisa x