Wednesday, 21 May 2014

May Film of the month - A Stolen Life

I have always been a Bette Davis fan and if you're going to have a Joan Crawford film in your must see films then you have to have a Bette Davis one. I think it's like some kind of unwritten rule. I don't know whether they were the arch rivals they were always purported to be.

I have so many Bette Davis films in my collection and she could probably have had her own challenge as to which ones I thought were the best.  Everyone knows of 'Whatever happened to Baby Jane' and 'All about Eve' but I'm not so sure that everyone will know her for 'A Stolen Life' starring alongside Glenn Ford.

Kate Bosworth is a quiet unassuming women who longs to be an artist.  She goes to visit her uncle on the island for inspiration.  There she meets Bill (Glenn Ford) and of course the two become friends, unfortunately for Kate she falls in love with Bill knowing that the feelings are not mutual.

But Kate has a secret she is keeping from Bill and that is that she has a twin sister Pat.  Unlike Kate Pat is not a quiet unassuming women and likes nothing more than to be centre of attention. She also likes to ridicule Kate and just as they did when they were kids if Kate had something she held dear Pat would undoubtedly take it from her.  But where as when you are children and your sibling takes your favourite toy taking the man you are in love with just for the heck of it isn't quite the same.  And of course that is exactly what Pat does.  Bill can't help himself but fall in love with Pat and eventually they marry.  Kate is devastated but as accepts the situation and continues with her painting.  

It is whilst Bill is away on a trip to Chillie that Pat comes back to the island for a visit. She tells Kate that she is now an accomplished sailor just like her sister and loves nothing more than to be out on the water.  The sisters take the boat out on the water.  Unfortunately the weather turns against them and a storm comes in.  The two women struggle to get the boat to the safety of the lighthouse.  Just as they reach the landing a wave hits the boat and one of the sisters is washed over board.  Only one twin survives the storm. Bill rushes back from Chillie believing it is his wife that has survived when in reality it is Kate.  Poor Kate makes a decision that if Bill believes she is Pat then she will assume her identity.   Ever heard the saying 'be careful what you wish for'.  Unbeknown to Kate her sisters marriage is in serious trouble. She tries to convince Bill that they could make the marriage work if they wanted it to.  Unfortunately too much has happened and Kate soon realises her sister had wrecked her marriage.  Kate decides to leave Bill to get on with his life and returns to the island.  Of course her uncle realises straight away that this is Kate and not Pat and that it was Pat who had drowned in the storm.  I was never quite sure whether he told Bill because the closing scene is of Bill rushing back to the island and taking Kate in his arms realising this was the sister he was truly in love with after all. 

Oh I do love a happy ending don't you.



  1. I seem to know this story, though I can't remember seeing the film. My mum has always liked Bette Davis so perhaps I watched it with her when I was young.

    1. It's one of her earlier films but she was brilliant in it. I had forgotten that Glenn Ford was in it until I put the DVD on to watch.

  2. Today would be a good day to stay in and watch movies, with all the rain and wind outside! It feels cold too! I have not seen this one, sounds good.

    1. We had a lot of rain yesterday but it seems more settled today. No doubt there will be more to come as it's a bank holiday weekend.