Monday, 26 May 2014

10 Things that make me happy

Having read Kate Eastwoods blog Justpootling about the 10 things that make her happy, it got me to thinking about the 10 things that have made me happy lately.

Thing 1

White and Yellow Roses one of my favorite flowers.
White Roses always reminds me of my mum who passed away nearly 24 years ago now. 
The Yellow Roses remind me of my friends mum Georgina who was always like my second mum right up until she passed away nearly 4 years ago.. 

Thing 2

At the beginning of the year I set myself five challenges. 
Challenge number 5 
To read 13 books from my yet to be read bookshelf by the end of June 2014.

So this is a bit of a Ta Dah moment as I have now completed 
number 13 The Fry Chronicles - by Stephen Fry 
thus completing this challenge a month a head of schedule.

Thing 3

is to tick of another book from school revisited challenge.

Thing 4

Is to see the first Poppy open in the garden

Thing 5

Is my new bird bath.

He is called the Tree Hugger by Aston Garden Ornaments.

D thinks he's the ugliest thing he's ever seen.  

Well he might not be the most handsome but he's definitely my cup of tea as far as little off the wall and quirky goes.

I absolutely love him


Thing 6

My new addition to my dragon family.

He reminds me of one of mine when they were little and didn't want to do something.

'I don't want to and you can't make me'

Thing 7

My new wind chime for my den.
In the days before The Willows we lived for 3 years in the Wolds and regularly saw Barn Owls 
Tawny Owls
It's much flatter where we are in the fens and not so many trees and so to see a Barn Owl is a rarity and I've only ever heard a Tawny owl since we moved here but not seen any in the five years we have been here.

I have been looking for a Wind Chime since the den was put up in October and I have at last found 

just the right one. The sound when the winds catches it is beautiful and of course the owl is an added bonus.

Thing 8

Has to be my beautiful 4 paws

Mr. B has been in my den with me today and was making himself very comfortable.

Look at this gorgeous boy.
He's licking his lips in anticipation of getting his treat.

and our old boy of the pack.

They have all been to the groomers this week for their short back and sides ready for the summer.

Thing 9

A very naughty but nice cake.

Thing 10

Has to be my family. 
I am so very proud of all of them and love them all so very much.

So what 10 things have made you happy lately.



  1. Lovely happy's Mitzi - adore the tree hugger ! I think it does us good to count our blessings every now and again, don't you ?
    Have a good week,
    Kate x

    1. Definitely Kate. There has already been a lot of activity around the bird bath since he arrived. What D doesn't know is there are more little gremlins in the collection and one or two may just follow me home before too long to keep the tree hugger company.

  2. You have some lovely happy things Mitzi, it is a good thing to be positive. I love your little dragon!

    1. For someone who can worry about every little thing I definitely need to have some positives.

  3. All lovely things to be happy about but you know my favourite has to be your gorgeous doggies. Well done on your reading challenge, that's one to tick off your list.

    1. They are lovely although Rufus has been a pain this week messing about with his food but would you believe always has room for a dentistix. Yep 1 down 4 more to go:-)

  4. Like Jo the dogs are top of the list for me although I do love your dragon. It reminds me so much of me as a teenager!!

    1. Hmm maybe it's not one of my kids my little dragon reminds me of maybe it's me but I'm not going to admit that to them:-)

  5. Nice post Mitzi :) I really like the tree hugger, and love that little dragon, he is great! Where did you find him? You must be a speed reader, that is a lot of books!

    1. I found both the tree hugger and the little dragon at The Range in their garden section. But I think it is only the bigger stores that have a plant and garden ornament. He was about £13 I think which is very cheap I had seen him on line at £30. The tree hugger was £40. I am pretty quick at getting through books usually one a week some times two. If they are really good you will find me with a book permanently glued to my hand. D always says he can tell when I'm reading a good book as he gets ignored:-)