Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Having your own personal rain cloud....


The trouble with having your own personal rain cloud that likes to accompany you every time you go away is

that you have to make sure you take plenty of other things to keep you occupied whilst waiting for it to run out of water.

Such was the case when we went up to Scotland last week it wasn't all bad I have to say we did get three really good days and a fourth passable day. 

Knowing exactly how our holidays tend to pan out I did go armed with a number of books and of course some crochet to keep me busy.

I had started Secrets of the Lighthouse by  Sante Montefiore  (number 11 off my bookshelf to be read) before we left so took it with me to finish. What I hadn't hoped for was that I would finish it and be able to start and finish  my return to school read of The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley  too.  We spent a lot of time in the car when it was raining but the scenery was still spectacular,  just would of been better had the sun decided to stay out a little more.

It always amazes me that no matter what the weather these poor devils are in the fields and up in the parkland with their lambs.

This poor little chap looked really fed up and I think I would of been too.

Even back at the farm these ladies stay out in all weathers although they do come in when they are due to calve.   Now D would tell me that's the breed and that's why they have so much hair to keep them warm but I know where I would rather be. 

Even when we did get a dry day the fields were still so wet that the horses and ponies on the farm would be sloshing about in the mud.

But of course there are those of us who love nothing better that to be wallowing about in the mud.

Meet Totty the pig who number 3 thought was just the best thing he had ever seen (latest obsession is pigs of any kind). 

But for me the best part of being on the farm was

Aren't they just the cutest things you ever saw.  

The one with 95 on his rump number 3 named Lightening McQueen as this is his number in the film 'Cars' 

We even got to have a go at feeding some of those who had been lifted from their mothers because they were the smallest of a set of triplets and sheep can only feed two lambs. 

I thought I would introduce you to Mr. P who was with us all week around the garden.  He would be shouting for his breakfast around 7am and wouldn't shut up until the sun went down.  Number 3 thought he was great and no matter where he was or what he was doing at the cottage as soon as he would hear the call of Mr. P he would say 'the Pheasants back' and run off to watch him out the window.  I must admit there are quite a few photo's of him he was quite entertaining. 

and lastly

I have to show you the kind ladies 

who provided us with 

gorgeous fresh eggs every morning.  Michael & Shirley leave you a complimentary basket of eggs for your arrival but you can wonder down to the chicken coup and collect them yourself throughout your stay.

Although there are many more photo's to share I think these are more than enough to keep you busy for now.

Have a lovely Easter one and all 



  1. Looks like you had a good time. I would love to feed baby lambs but would probably try to smuggle one up my jumper to bring home!

    1. I have to say there was one who kept following us but I was very good and took him back to the farm instead of the cottage and home. I had to remind myself that just like our kids they do eventually grow up.

  2. Oh....what a wonderful place !!!! Looks to be just my kind of the animals....we got some snow on our daffodils last night!!

    1. It was weather aside the farm was fantastic one of the best places I've been in a long time. Oh no not snow fortunately we haven't had the fluffy white stuff this year just a lot of rain and frost.

  3. Awww, you made lots of new friends on your holiday. I'm with number 3 though, give me a piggy wig anyday. It look fabulous, I really must keep a note of where you stayed as we keep saying that we'll have a trip to Scotland, I've never been, and it's always good to have a recommendation, especially a property which accepts dogs. Did you enjoy your reread? I've never read The Water Babies.

    1. They would of taken the three dogs as they are quite small but when we then got Rufus we decided it might be better for Monty if we booked kennels for him and it meant Buster could stay with him so he didn't feel abandoned. They had a great time by all accounts. I read the Water Babies when I was about 14 or just under. Considering it was a fairy tale written for a 4 year old it was over 200 pages and I don't think the content would have meant anything to a 4 year old. I didn't remember much about it apart from it was about a chimney boy named Tom who ends up in the water and in order to become a water baby has to earn his stripes as it were. Glad I re-read it but don't think it would be coming off the bookshelf again anytime soon. But it wasn't as bad as Lord of the Flies.

  4. Such lovely pictures Mitzi - boo to the rain, but aren't the lambs gorgeous.
    Kate x

    1. They are gorgeous and getting to feed them was the real icing on the cake. I think I enjoyed more than number 3.

  5. Lovely photos & it looks like you had a good time.

    1. We did even with the rain it was nice to be away for a while just a shame we had to come back really. Got to work Monday and within 10 minutes it was like I hadn't had that time off at all. Still it's the long weekend this weekend and I intend to enjoy it. The weather looks ok so it will be time in the garden and out in my den for me.

  6. You met a lovely set of furry and feathered friends whilst on your holiday.
    I bet the countryside was amazingly beautiful even with the clouds.
    Lisa x

  7. It was lovely and I would certainly go again.