Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Spring has sprung

I love white roses and tulips. This photo doesn't do justice to the tulips unfortunately. They are the deepest purple but with the light of the window and the flash of my camera they look a lot lighter than they actually are.

We had some glorious weather over the weekend and certainly Rufus was make best use of the sunshine. He has slotted right in with the rest of the pack.

Ever get the feeling you're being watched?

We've had a bit of an overhaul in the garden this last week 

and as a surprise D has had my Dragons Den treated with preserver in Cuprinols Pale Jasmine on the windows and Wild Thyme on the main building.  My next door neighbour tells me she is very jealous as it's now the colour she would of loved to have put on her summer house but her husband always does it in the same old dirty brown colour as she calls it. 

We lost a fair bit during the stormy weather but the daffs are still in bloom around the garden.

Whilst enjoying sitting in the garden  I also managed to get to grips with my school read revisited challenge.  So many of you had mentioned Of Mice and Men which was a book I didn't read at school but all three of my big kids did, so I thought that I should have this as my  school read for March.  As there are only 122 pages I was able to sit and have a good read whilst enjoying a glass of wine and soon managed to work my way through it across the weekend.  I can see why so many of you enjoyed reading this one and wish it had been on the curriculum at the time I was sitting my exams. 

Whilst driving into the office I suddenly spotted little wagging tales in the fields.  I always feel that Spring has arrived when I see the lambs, again photo's not brilliant as only had my mobile with me at the time and I'm still getting to grips with the camera on it. 

But then best of all I spotted a pair of  buzzards gliding high above the tree tops. I absolutely love them but don't normally get the opportunity to stop and watch them or get any photo's.  

I really need to be a bit more proactive at taking my camera out with me and hopefully I will get some better shots to show you.  Of course I probably won't spot them again for months.  I had to tear myself away in the end or I would of been late for work I could of stayed there for hours just watching them.  

Hope you're all having a good day.



  1. What a lovely newsy post. I love the photo of your doggies all stood together behind the gate, it's wonderful that you've now got one of each colour. I've had Archie at the vets this morning, he's got a skin infection, he's been itching since going to the groomers last week, the vet thinks he's got sensitive skin. That's just cost me just under £50 for some antibiotics and a course of steroids, but he couldn't go on as he was, he's been crying with the itching, poor boy. I'm glad you enjoyed Of Mice and Men. I'm glad I reread it, there were bits of it I'd forgotten. Eleanor's studying it for English Lit, but she went to see it at Leeds Playhouse a couple of weeks ago with her GCSE Drama class as they have to study a play, see it live and then write an essay in response. The drama teacher thought it would be a good play to study as they're already studying the book in English Lit.

    1. Oh poor Archie. Monty has sensitive skin and has a shampoo from the vets £25 for the smallest of bottles as always and we have to take it to the groomers when he goes. He's been this week so looking very handsome again. We have been the talk of the village again since getting Rufus not sure if people think we're mad when they see us out and about with four of them. I've taken three on my own but not the four as Buster still pulls alot and is taking some breaking of the habit. I don't think he got much attention from his previous owners and by the way he behaved on a lead when we first got him I don't think he had much in the way of walks either. I have two split leads now so I'm going to try getting all four out on my own as a pack which should be interesting. Glad Eleanor enjoyed her play.

  2. I do like the colour of your den, it's such a fresh shade of green.
    Just read the review of your latest film, won't be seeking that one out, too sad for me!
    Lisa x

    1. I must admit I love my den. Not been able to make the maximum use out of it yet due to the weather but now Spring has just about made it's appearance I am looking forward to spending a lot of time in there, It will be like my beach hut only in the garden. Yes Imitation of Life has it's high and low points I did the book by Fannie Hurst many years ago but think it may well be worth a revisit at some stage.

  3. tulips and roses look so gorgeous together, perfect choice xxx

    1. I do like to try and have fresh flowers around the cottage it always makes me feel better for seeing them.

  4. Hello Mitzi
    its all looking lovely in your garden, an d I love your Den and sitting area - fingers crossed for lots of fantastic weather to come !
    Have a good weekend,
    Kate x

    1. Thanks Kate. Hope you had a good weekend too.