Thursday, 27 March 2014

R & R

I have had a fantastic week as number two has been on R & R from Afghanistan.  The downside to all this is that he returns to Scotland tomorrow in order to fly back out to Afghanistan  to complete the remainder of his tour.  As you can imagine as a family we are very proud of him. I think he has definitely matured in his time away even giving his old mum a hug or two during his stay. He has had a hectic two weeks trying to catch up with friends and family alike, but I was pleased that he managed to visit number one and have some quality time with his brother and today he's off to visit his sister at Uni.  Number 3 of course has loved having his  big brother back as he has been very worried about him being over in Afghanistan.  My own family were never very close and I always hoped that my own children would have that sibling bond that I never had.  That certainly seems to be the case and I am immensely proud of the young adults that the older 3 have become. 

Of course he still doesn't know about his Afghan as it's been hiding away whilst he has been home although I did get it out again once or twice whilst he was out so that I could continue joining up the squares of which there are now over 150. 

He had a bit of a surprise when he arrived as I had told him about Buster's arrival and sent out a couple of photo's but he had no idea that Rufus had since joined us. Rufus took an instant liking and spent much of his time having cuddles. 

He will have one month left of his tour on his return to active duty, only 30 days for 58 Squadron  to  stay safe before coming home to their love ones. 

It has felt like the longest 6 months of my life but I have had fantastic support from both family and friends and I cannot thank you all enough for the kind comments and support received from my new found blogland friends.



  1. Lovely to read that you have had such a wonderful couple of family filled weeks. I hope everyone keeps safe and comes back home fit and well very soon.
    Lisa x

  2. When you mentioned Number 2 being on R&R previously, I didn't realise that he came home, fantastic. It must have been wonderful for the whole family to see him, but even more so for his proud mum. It sounds like he's had a couple of surprises in Buster and Rufus shapes, I bet Rufus will miss him after all the cuddles he's been getting. The afghan is looking wonderful, that will be such a surprise when Number 2 comes home again, not many squares to go now. All the very best to him for his final month there.

    1. I've tried to be very good. As his mum I have 101 questions but I will save them all until he gets home for good. I did have to ask why he needed paint brushes to be sent out and apparently it's to get the sand out of the nooks and crannies of his riffle.

  3. Oh my gosh Mitzi, what a lovely post, I feel very teary reading it, but in such a good heartwarming way. You must be so proud of your family and how they have all grown up to do such amazing things. What a truly special fortnight you must have had.
    Big hugs
    Kate x

    1. Thanks Kate I just need the next 4 weeks to fly by and then I will be a very happy mum especially as when he is posted again he will be nearer to home.