Monday, 17 February 2014

Film of the Month - February

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I  am really enjoying looking out movies to watch and share with you all.  The Three Faces of Eve (1957) which starred Joanna Woodward, who was married to one of my other favourites Paul Newman,  is on my list of must see films.  I had seen it many years ago and at first it took me a while to remember what it was called.  All I knew was that it was about a young women who suffered with multiple personality disorder.

I eventually tracked it down and found it on Amazon.

The story begins with Eve White (Joanne Woodward)  and her husband (David Wayne) going to visit a Psychiatrist (Lee J. Cobb). Mrs White describes how she has 'spells' which start with a violent headache and then she looses track of time and cannot remember where she has been or what she has been doing during this time.  . 

Whilst visiting the Psychiatrist her other personality known as Eve Black makes her first appearance. She is a very different character to the down trodden housewife Eve White.  She is a very confident and veracious character and loves nothing more than visiting night clubs to sing and dance, meet men and drink. She tells the doctor that she has never been married and never intends being so. She also reveals the fact that she can come out any time she chooses and has been doing so since Eve White was 6 years old.

Finally after many months of consultations and the breakdown of her marriage Eve's third personality makes her appearance much to the annoyance of Eve Black. . The third personality cannot tell you her name but can recall everything that happened to her whilst growing up at the farm the same farm that Eve White describes. This personality decides to call herself Jane. Over a time with the help of the Psychiatrist  this personality grows stronger than the other two.  The Psychiatrist offers hypnotherapy as a treatment to see if they can discover what happened to trigger so many different personalities within one body.  Finally whist under hypnosis the truth is discovered and after the session has finished all but one personality has disappeared, enabling the remaining personality to be free from the other two and go on to live a normal and happy life. 

Released: 23rd September 1957
Directed by: Nunnally Johnson

A really good, definitely a must see film.  



  1. Oooh, that sounds really good. I'm glad you didn't spoil the ending, I might look it up and watch it.

    1. I try not to give too much away about films and books just enough to get you interested in watching or reading:-)

      It is a really good film and you can watch the full film on Youtube for free. I already know what my film is going to be for March and it's another good one.

  2. I've never heard of this film, but it does sound really interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    Lisa x

  3. Never seen that one, sounds interesting, there are so many movies I have not seen.

    1. I've still got a few favourites up my sleeve to share with you all.