Friday, 28 February 2014

February Challenge Update

Last week when I was telling you all that my daffodils were starting to flower I had several comments to say that yours were still in bud.  Well apparently here in Lincolnshire it is now official (as in all the flower growers have said it) that all the daffodils here are opening at least two weeks earlier than normal which is causing the flower growers some concern.

So what else has happened at The Willows and the wider family in the month of February.  We have had a further two birthdays with number two turning 23 and daughter turning 20 so for the time being I don't have any teenagers. As you will all know by now young master Rufus has joined our doggie family and so far he appears to be settling in very well. He is a real cutie and an absolute cuddle bum.... He has been to meet Dr. Sue at the Vet's this morning, who is totally in love with Romeo as she did all his surgery last year, and she thinks he's a lovely little dog and quite happy to be his vet whilst Monty and Buster are under Dr. Nigel.

So how did the challenges turn out this month.

Product Details
Challenge One
My film of the month was The Three faces of Eve which starred Joanne Woodward.

Challenge Two
My book from school was my nemesis 'Lord of the Flies'.

Challenge 3 & 4
I now have a total of 25 little hats for the Innocence campaign


a further four Poppies completed bringing my total to 12. 

                        Things We Never Say - Sheila O'Flanagan

                         When it Happens to You - Molly Ringwald

                         Reconstructing Amelia  - Kimberley McCreight - Fiction

and I have managed to complete a further three books from the bookshelf bringing my total to 6 which means I have 7 left to complete by the end of June. 

And in between times we have been decorating number 3's bedroom which has been quite undertaking for such a small room as the orange paint that he picked as his accent wall took some getting and then took some getting on the wall. Thankfully 3 coats later it now looks pretty good and I am even more thankful that he has picked a completely different colour and brand of paint to put on the other three walls.

So guess what I will be doing this weekend..................

Hope you all have a great weekend whatever you may be getting up to....



  1. Good work on your challenges so far. You'll easily finish the books on your bookshelf I think, and you seem to be ploughing through your hats and poppies too.

    1. Yes so far so good. I'd rather be a head than behind.

  2. Your challenges are going well, especially the books on the bookshelf, you'll be well ahead of the game by the end of June. Hope the decorating goes well this weekend, rather you than me, I hate anything to do with DIY.

    1. Only trouble is I have acquired a few more books both on the bookshelf and my kindle but at least if we ever get snowed in I will have plenty of reading to keep me occupied. We got number 3's room papered at the weekend and as I work long hours D has asked our village handy andy to paint it for us which means he gets the work and I don;t get the stress.

  3. Your doing well with your challenges, I still can't seem to get into any books at the moment. Your hats and poppies look great! Maybe some poppy donations would help?

    1. I tend to go through phases where I am constantly reading especially if I am having difficulty sleeping it helps to take my mind off other things (usually all the things I need to do at work) and doing the challenges and writing about it on my blogs is keeping me focused which is a great incentive to going even when the book isn;t one that grabs you.

  4. Hello Mitzi, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. You've made a great start on your challenges. Well done for revisiting Lord of the Flies - I remember doing this for my CSEs and didn't get on with it at all, yet my daughter studied it for her GCSEs about 3 years ago and loved it, it's down as one of her favourites! Enjoy the rest of your week.

    1. I can't say it will be on my top ten of books. I'm glad I revisited it just to satisfy my own curiosity as to whether it was as bad as I had remembered. I wouldn't say it was terrible but I don't think I will read it again anytime soon and was glad that none of mine had to read it for their GCSE's.