Saturday, 22 February 2014

Challenge 3 & 4 update.

All over the garden my daffodils are starting to flower which means that Spring really can't be too far away now.   I am amazed they have have survived with the terrible winds we have been having across the Fens, just goes to show how resilient they are.

I thought as we were approaching the end of February I would update you on how challenges three and four are coming along.

It has been rather busy on the work front this month which has meant early starts and late finishes.
Still I have managed to add another 5 little hats to challenge three bringing the total to 25 and 
another four poppies to challenge four bringing my total to 12.

And lastly back in October 2013 I introduced you to the latest addition to our doggie family when Buster arrived at The Willows.

It occurred to me that I hadn't posted any up to date photo's apart from when they have snuck into them. 

Buster has been with us for four months now. He is still learning the house rules and some of his manners still need a little fine tuning but he is getting there and it is still relatively early days but I'm sure he will pay us back in dividends eventually.



  1. It will be a couple of months before I enjoy any daffodils popping up in my garden. How lovely that you can enjoy them in February.

    Buster is a beautiful dog and it looks like he has plenty of canine company to enjoy. Good Luck with your knitting projects, Mitzi.


  2. None of my daffodils have bloomed yet, in fact, the ones I planted in a container have only just started to poke through the soil. The ones in the garden are a little more advanced though. Your knitting challenges are going well, I can see you're going to raise another great amount again with your poppies. Awww, all your doggies are cuties, but you really do need the missing one from the set. Hasn't D persuaded you yet?

  3. Our daffs have bright yellow buds on them now, so I think there'll be flowers any moment now. Spring really can't be far away :D

  4. Daffodils are such a cheery flower, always a treat to see them.
    Your dogs look like they are very comfortable with each other on their cushions!
    Lisa x

  5. They really have suddenly take off and the garden is a profusion of yellow Daffs. Being in the fens we have a lot of flower growers and apparently they have said our Daffs are flowering at least two weeks too early. Still I don't mind it just makes it feel as though Spring is almost here even if there was frost on the car again this morning.