Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas has arrived at The Willows

Christmas has arrived at The Willows.  Number 3 has been desperate to put the tree up all week but then he has been poorly with a nasty chest infection and has been too ill to think about it.  But now he's feeling much better and the first thing he wanted to do was... you guessed it wanted to put the tree up.  We finally dragged the tree out from  the garage this morning and sorted out all the ornaments and lights.  Why is it no matter how careful you are at putting the lights away each year come the next one they are always tangled.

Thank you to everyone who left comments in helping me decide what design to make with my squares for the Coming Home from Afghanistan Afghan.  It would appear that the majority of you like design B which is good because this was the first design I had come up with way back when I started this little venture.  We are now up to day 55 today which means he is 55 days closer to coming home. 

Up until putting up the tree it hadn't really dawned on me just how close to Christmas we are The next couple of weekends are going to fly by in a blur.   Number one son is coming over for the weekend before Christmas and daughter will be home for the holidays so it will be nice to spend the weekend together and have a mini Christmas celebration before he returns to Manchester on Christmas Eve, I am hoping that Number 2 will be able to get to a telephone over that period as it would be great for us all to be able to say hi.  

Midwife on Call

This week I have completed two more books and you can find out what I thought about them here.

As I an now getting into the Christmas spirit I have started two more books with a Christmas theme.

Product DetailsProduct Details

A Christmas Wish is another Kindle Edition book by Amanda Prowse and see's the continuing story of Poppy Day. This time Poppy is another 10 years older and has two children Peggy and Max and Mart will be on tour in Afghanistan at Christmas.  Will young Peg get her wish and have her Daddy home for Christmas.

A Dog for Christmas tells the story of Joshua Michaels who finds himself looking after a neighbours dog only to find that the dog in question is pregnant and about to deliver a litter of puppies.  Having never owned a dog before this sends poor Josh into a state of panic but on hand to help is Kerri who works at the local rescue centre. 

Will let you know in due course what I thought of these two festive reads.

Have a good week one and all whatever you may be getting up to.

M x


  1. We haven't got our tree up yet, we're just deciding whether to put it up later on today or wait until next weekend, we'll probably wait. Hope No.3 is feeling better, chest infections can really take it out of you. Design B got my vote, you're afghan's going to look gorgeous when it's completed. It sounds like you're going to have a lovely time with the family around you at Christmas. It would be great if No.2 could manage a phone call while everyone's home, that would be really nice. Daniel finished uni on Friday but he's staying in York for a while yet, he'll probably come home next weekend, though I think he's got every intention of popping back over there for nights out with friends he's made. It sound as though you've got plenty of reading to be getting on with. I still haven't started anything new, I'm currently reading a book all about my camera and what it can do.

  2. Glad you have made your choice for the blanket, got a real plan to work to for it now.
    Sorry to hear your little one has been poorly, hope he is feeling better now that the tree is up!
    Lisa x