Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Christmas Gift to ourselves.....

Just take a look at these two handsome boys....   A while ago and before Buster joined our family we commissioned an artist AJ Turner of Cavacast to paint a portrait of Romeo and Monty. Ms Tuner is a very accomplished artist but also is an owner of Cavaliers herself and therefore knows the breed very well.
 We are so very pleased with the result.  
This photo doesn't really do it justice in reality it is much sharper and she has really caught the personalities of both the dogs.  
I was so pleased with it that my immediate thought was that I would have to share it with you all in blogland. 

This is our little Christmas present to ourselves.

Now we have Buster too we are thinking of commissioning her again to make a sculpture of the three boys next year unless of course three has increased to four if D gets his way and finds a little Ruby Cavi that needs a home..... to complete the set. 
I'm just glad it was Cavaliers we went for and not Cockers as there a lot more variations in colour and I'm not sure my little cottage would be big enough to accommodate them all.

At The Willows we are on count down now with just two more days before children start arriving home for the holidays.  D has been to the supermarket this morning and I think he thinks we are feeding the entire village again this year by the amount he has bought and that is before we collect the meat from the butchers and the veg from the farm shop. 

Let the madness begin!!!!!


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  1. Awww, it's absolutely beautiful. You must get a sculpture so that Buster can be included, though I definitely think you need to complete the set with a little ruby. I've been picking up bits and pieces in with my shopping for the last few weeks so that we've already got bits ready for Christmas, but I think the main shop will be done on Monday.