Tuesday, 5 November 2013

When Son Knows Best

Recently I have been reading Torey Hayden's Beautiful Child I had got to within the last 50 pages and was desperately wanting to finish it.  So on Sunday night I came in from the Den and had a lovely roast dinner that D had cooked (well why keep a dog and bark yourself), after which I decided to have a nice leisurely bath. Off I went cuppa in hand with my book.  Whilst running my bath number 3 appeared at the door and asked what I was doing. 'Running a  bath' I replied. 'Why have you got your book then' he asked. 'Because I'm going to read it whilst I'm in the bath'.  'Oh you can't do that'  he said  'your book will get wet.'  'No' I said 'I will be very careful.'

So off he went and with the finish line insight there I sat reading my book whilst enjoying a nice warm bath.  A while later I heard D ask number 3 to let me know that Countryfile woud be starting shortly.  So out I got dried off and put my PJ's on.  I collected up my things when number 3 appeared at the door to tell me that Countryfile was just starting, just at that moment I had lent over the bath to pull out the plug when my book slipped from my grip and went splash into the water. Quick as flash I retrieve it fortunately it hadn't quite sunk to the bottom and was only a little damp (ish).  You can imagine the look on number 3's face. To say he was not amused would be an under statement. ' See' he said 'I told you your book would get wet'.... 

Off I went into the bedroom and quickly got the hairdryer to work on drying the pages.  All in all it had survived it's ordeal.  I went downstairs book in hand and wet hair.  'Oh' D said 'I thought I heard the hairdryer' at which point little Jiminy Cricket pipped up 'she dropped her book in the bath and I told her not to take her book in there otherwise it would get wet and see I was right.'

Hope you're all having a good week so far....


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  1. Ha ha, I wondered what you meant in your comment on my blog, now I see. No.3 knows best! I take it the book was good if you was that eager to finish it.