Saturday, 2 November 2013

Secret Revealed...................................

I hope not too many of you were affected by the storm. Here in Lincolnshire we had been told to expect it to be quite bad. We even had a task force/incident room set up. Fortunately even though we are on the Lincolnshire/Norfolk border we managed to come through without any damage across the county. It seemed to mainly hit the southern part of the UK.

Back on my September blog I was telling you I had a secret that would be revealed in November. Well here we are in November and I can now reveal to you what my secret is.  Whilst reading other bloggers blogs I have sat green with envy at the lovely hideaways that some of you have whether it be a spare bedroom, purpose built extension or a garden room to call your very own crafty hideaway. For sometime now I have been hankering after a craft room a little place to call all my own where when I want a pair of scissors or a needle there they will be exactly where  I expect to find them and not no where to be found because someone has borrowed them and not put them back. But of course it must have been the ghost because no one else has touched them. 

Well at last I have my very own little craft room which has already been nicknamed 

'The Dragon's Den' 

I can't think why.

We came across this little garden room whilst at a local garden centre.  They were selling off some of their ex display rooms this being one of them.  It was ideal for me to have as my craft room and meant that I could spend every spare moment down at the bottom of the garden with the fairies. 

I owe a big thank you to my neighbours who very kindly allowed us to remove a fence panel and let the guys cross their garden as the sections were too big to get through the gate to our garden.  I also owe a big thank you to the guys who installed it for going that extra mile as I believe that each section is incredibly heavy especially at the front with all the glass.  I have spent the last two weekends painting the inside and a very good friend of ours gave up his time to put in the carpet and put up my tables and blinds.  The carpet was an end of roll piece from United Carpets and the Sales Assistant very kindly rolled it and put in the car for me. .  The tables and blinds came from IKEA. The tables  fix to the wall and fold flat as you can see in the photo above giving more floor space when needed.  The Lloyd Loom and Bedding boxes I already had so they have been recycled.  I need to recover them but that is a job for the spring.  So here I am writing my blog nice and snugly warm even on a cold, wet & blustery day like today.  I can sit and knit, crochet  or sew or even get back into researching my family history without interruption. 

On the Crochet front I'd like to thank everyone who has sent me such lovely comments about my 'Coming Home from Afghanistan Afghan'  I have been very touched by the support and good wishes received from blogland  for a safe return of my son. We are now on Day 19 and all is well. Still receiving messages from Number 2 every few days usually containing a shopping list or just to let us know he is ok.  We have sent him out a couple of parcels over the last week and I sent off some footie magazines this morning. It will certainly feel strange not having him at home this Christmas. I think being able to make up and send him out parcels  will give me a purpose whilst the Afghan will help me count down the days till he is safely back on British soil. 

  A colleague of mine has a son in the forces who has just returned from tour.  She does a lot of fundraising for Help The Heroes and has had me crocheting Poppies for an event next weekend.  I myself had a stall at a craft fair this week. My plan was to take the wool and my crochet hook with me to sit and make some more but would you believe no sooner had I completed one people were asking to buy them.  I was absolutely staggered.  I completed six whilst there and all six were sold  raising £15 for Help The Heroes.    That said I will now be spending the rest of this weekend making more for her to take next week.  I am not sure what I will do with my Afghan once completed, number 2 is not the arty crafty one of my sons. He will appreciate all the effort and hard work but it would not have the same meaning to him as it does to me. As far as he is concerned he is just doing his job. One suggestion being with so many of our services personnel having been injured during this conflict to donate it  to a Help The Heroes charity event to be auction off.  I think this would be very fitting as if I complete my Afghan it will mean that I have been one of the lucky ones who have got my son back unscathed when so many do not.

Hope you all have a good week what ever you are getting up to.



  1. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous craft studio. I would love something like that but I think I'll be waiting many years before that happens. You just need a little plaque now which tells everyone it's The Dragon's Den! Well done with the poppies, that's a great achievement, I'm sure any more that you manage to crochet will be snapped up too.

  2. Your Dragon's den looks fantastic , I hope you spend many happy hours creating beautiful things.
    Sarah x

    1. I'm really enjoying spending time in there. I have everything I want and need and it's surprisingly warm considering the weather.