Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Charity Fundraiser Poppy Update

Just a quick update on the  Charity Fundraiser Poppy.  All the poppies that myself and my colleague have made over the last 10 days have now sold and we have a raised £75.00 which will be going to our chosen charity  Help The Heroes.  We have been absolutely amazed at the response and the demand for them.  And thank all those who so generously bought them.

One thing we have learnt from this experience is that we need to make an earlier start making then  next year instead of staying up to the wee small hours making them and who knows how much we will raise then.

I have never followed a crochet pattern before, give me anything to knit and I'm your women but I feel very proud of myself in the fact that not only did I follow and understand the pattern but they have turned out so well that people have been prepared to give up their hard earned cash to buy one to help such a worthy cause.

Have any of you made any of these either for your own personal use or to sell for charity I would love to hear your stories.



  1. Fantastic news and well done not only on reaching such a great amount for a worthwhile charity but for also following a pattern. I must admit that I do struggle with crochet patterns myself. It's a lovely pattern though, the poppy is so life like.

  2. Thank you for visiting and leaving such a positive comment about changing jobs. Well done with the fundraising to all who made the poppies. I love the colours you have used in both your blankets, but that autumn one is especially gorgeous. I read the Secret Life of Bees a while ago at my book club and enjoyed it very much, this month we are reading The Color Purple.
    Lisa x

  3. Hello Mitzi,
    Thanks for popping over to say hello! It is always nice to meet new bloggers :) Well done with the fundraising! My mother and her local knitting group make a huge number of poppies and sell them, with all profits going to the Royal British Legion.

    Thanks for popping by again!

    Best wishes,

    Tash from