Sunday, 24 November 2013

A little bit of Christmas on route to Afghanistan

First of all I would like to thank everyone who left comments or emailed me over the last few weeks especially from Kim over at Little White Sewing Shed, Jo over at Through The KeyholeSusanne over at Forget-Me-NotGail over at Amongst the WoolTash over at Vintage Pretty and Lisa over at Jumble and Jelly. to name but a view and I apologise if I have missed anyone out.   I have been amazed by the support and good wishes I have received whilst my son is out on tour.  It has been much appreciated.

This week I have spent pulling together number 2's Christmas presents to get them sent off in plenty of time before the last posting date to the BFPO of the 29th November.  I don't know about anyone else but November just seems to of flown by and I can't believe we are now only about 6 weeks away from the big day again....   I boxed up foodie treats and wrapped his presents yesterday and delivered 5 parcels to the post office by yesterday afternoon to ensure they will get to him in plenty of time.  Number 2 is an ardent Manchester United fan and I have been sending him footie magazines and music magazines but when I saw this little Christmas tree with it's little Manchester United baubles it was a must have. I'm not quite sure what  he will make of it but hopefully it will bring a little bit Christmas sparkle to his and the other lads Christmas. 

 On the progress of the Coming Home From Afghanistan Afghan we are now 41 days in which means that we are  41 days nearer to him coming home.  Again thank you to everyone who has commented about this project.  It means a lot to me and is growing daily.

This week I also had a bit of a disaster when I broke my mobile phone.  Now as far as my children are concerned my mobile was a bit of a dinosaur but it worked, made phone calls and sent text messages which to me was the most important thing.  

I now have a new fangled windows phone.  

So far I have managed to send a text, make a phone call and take a photo.  I'm sure I will get used to it but if anyone phones and I accidentally cut you off please do not take it personally. 

On the reading front I have now completed Philomena by Martin Sixsmith and The Night Rainbow by Claire King and you can find out what I thought of these two over at Tea and Biscuits and a Good Book.  

Well think that's me done for this blog hope you all have a good week.

                                                                            M x

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  1. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, I really do wish we had six weeks left to the big day, I could certainly do with it, but it's only four weeks on Wednesday. I'm starting to panic a little now, I'm so behind this year. I'm sure all the lads will pull together and celebrate Christmas in the best way they can, but we really should all spare a thought for our troops on the 25th. I don't know what to say about him being a Man U fan with me living in a household of staunch Leeds Utd supporters, I think I'll skip over that fact. The blanket looks to be coming along beautifully. It was a great idea to make this blanket, have you told No.2 about it? He'll be so proud to think he's inspired you. I'm going to pop over to your other blog now to check out what you thought of both books.