Sunday, 27 October 2013

Charity Fundraiser Poppy

If you are looking for a crochet poppy pattern that takes no time at all to make you'll find one here.  Created by Wendy Poole to be used for personal use or to be sold  as long as the proceeds go to charity.  

Having never followed a crochet pattern before I found it really easy. These three plus any others I and several colleagues  manage to make before the 10th November will be on sale in aid of Help for Heroes at a Charity event being held after the Remembrance Day Service at Wiltshire Barracks. Some of the service personnel  have just returned from Afghanistan and as my son is currently out there I wanted to support such a great cause. 

Till the next time



  1. They're fabulous. I hope they make lots of money for such a great cause.

    1. I'm up to five now. My target is 10 but I'm hoping to be able to make more than that. I've given them to my colleague this morning and she's thrilled with them we're just trying to decide how much to sell them for.