Monday, 21 October 2013

And then there were three

This last week has been one filled with mixed emotions.  It started with number 2 leaving for his first tour of Afghanistan with his regiment.  We have known for months he would be going but as you can imagine when that day finally comes it fills you with both trepidation and pride.   I am immensely proud of all my children and the adults they are slowing turning into but I am especially proud of  number 2 at this moment.  I am not sure I could have endured the training and of course it goes without saying that as his mum I will be worried about his safety and won't be happy until he and the rest of 58 squadron are back on British soil safe and sound.. He has been able to send me messages every couple of days which is very reassuring but I suspect this will become less frequent once they get in to a routine over there.  This will be the first time he will not be around for Christmas or his birthday and I think that will be difficult.

Now this next bit is mainly for Jo over at  Through the Keyhole who like me has a love for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  We've had Monty our Blenheim Cavie since he was 14 weeks and he is 5 years old now then last year we took on Romeo our Black & Tan at 10 months when his owner could no longer look after him and he will be 2 in December.  Now for most sane people 2 dogs would be enough but then we're not most people and it possibly questionable as to whether we are sane.  So just over a week ago now in our madness we have now taken on this young man.  This is Buster and he is a Tri Colour Cavalier King Charles and he will be 3 in April. His family found they could no longer afford to keep him and decided it would be fairer to Buster if he were to be re-homed.  I sometimes wonder if we have a little star shining above The Willows for little dogs that need our help to follow. As anyone who has a knowledge of Spaniel breeds they have very furry ears that need regular grooming otherwise they become matted.  This was the case for our poor Buster.  In the first photo although you can't see his ears too clearly they are very matted and extremely heavy poor little chap so the bottom photo shows him after he had been to the dog groomers and had his ears shaved so that the hair will grow back properly.  It also became apparent then that he was suffering an ear infection which then meant a trip to see nice Mr. Nigel at the vets and a course of antibiotics..

Then a quick update on the Autumn Leaves Afghan my 100 circles have now transformed into squares and I'm now in the process of putting the edging to them Once all 100 have their edges then I will decide what sequence they will go in to form the Afghan and decide how to best finish it off.  This may take some time as I have two baby blankets to complete for colleagues at work having babies who are due to finish soon so I need to get a wriggle on to get them finished. I have also started another project but I will reveal more about that next time.

Till then

Hope you all have a lovely week whatever you are getting up to.


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  1. Awww, they're all so gorgeous, though I do think you need a ruby so that you have the full set. Their ears are a bit of a pain to keep tangle free, I groom Archie every day but they still get a bit tangled. Do you have the rest of their coats trimmed? I tried not to with Archie as they're supposed to be long haired dogs, but it's really no fun for him. He gets twigs and all sorts of things caught up in his undercarriage which makes him yelp as he walks because they're tugging on his fur, so I do get him trimmed now. I want to send my very best wishes for your son, I can certainly understand your mixed emotions, it's a worrying time but at the same time, I don't think you could be any more proud of a child who is prepared to serve his country. Your Afghan is coming along nicely. I like the colour you've chosen to edge it with, it really makes the colours pop.