Sunday, 15 September 2013


Here we are at the end of week two and suddenly the glorious sunshine we had last week has now deserted us here in my part of the world.  This it has to be said is not all bad.  The colour of the leaves are beginning to change and the conkers are teetering on the horse chestnut trees ready to drop soon.   The numbers of butterflies have already started to dwindle but the moths are still visiting the garden.  Of course Autumn also brings the return of such programmes as the Great British Bake Off and Downton Abbey. But best of all it means the return of stodge.  There is nothing better on a cold wet evening than to have something ready and waiting when you arrive home. From out of the pantry the slow cooker makes it's appearance...   it can contain such delicacies as home made soup, chillie, conrnbeef hash but best of all beef stew and dumplings.    YUM....

In the garden things are starting to slow down. There have been one or two  last second flourishes before sleeping through to spring. I have been busy planting out the daffodil bulbs which are currently hiding beneath the Viola's.  

In recent weeks my crafting has definitely taken a back seat to my reading of books.   I have a secret that I will be revealing in November and I am very excited about it, but more of that later.  In the meanwhile I am preparing for when my secret arrives.  I saw this Sirdar 4 ply wool and it reminded me of colours the pebbles down at the beach. I have a picture in my mind of how I want to use the colours it is now just a case of getting theory into practice.  Will keep you posted as this progresses.

Lastly, I am currently reading 'The Reason I Jump' as recommended by Julie from Little Cotton Rabbits. Both Julie and myself have sons with Autism. For anyone who lives with autism or has a family member with the condition it can be very hard for us neuro-typical to know how they perceive the world. It was quite a surreal moment, having read Julie's post I got home all ready to tell D about this new book available and there he was sat reading a copy.  Apparently his uncle had heard the radio broadcast about the book and had immediately ordered us a copy. I have been waiting for D to finish reading it and have now got my hands on it to read myself.  So far there is a lot within the book that we can relate to our own son and I certainly think it is going to be a worthwhile read.  I have asked D not to tell me what his thoughts are until I have finished reading it so that we can then compare notes.  

Ok that seems to be all from me for now.  I think there is just a little time to spare now for a little more crocheting.

Hope you all have a good week whatever the weather.....


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