Friday, 6 September 2013

Autumn has arrived..........................

Here we are in September, the children are back in school and mothers everywhere breath a sigh of relief.   I expect most of us have been enjoying the warm summer weather of the last few weeks and were hoping that just may be it would last just a little longer into September.  Well in my part of the world it has to be said this has been very true.  We have had brilliant sunshine and it has been so warm even at night that the windows have been open to let the fresh air in.

Unfortunately it is also 'nellyshag' time or what's better known as a Crane Fly  or Daddy Long Legs, although I realise in other countries Daddy Long Legs are also a type of Spider. The last couple of days I've had to keep rescuing them from around the cottage and taking them back outside.  As number 3 would tell, it is also 'Spider Season' because as the weather gets colder and wetter here the eight leggers do tend to try and get inside for the warmth, which in our household is not good as none of us likes them.  Nothing personal you understand but they just make my skin crawl. Probably something to do with the way they look and how fast they move.  Didn't help finding one in my bed when I was about 8  or 9 years old.

Yesterday I woke up to a thick mist from the sea and driving into work was more than a little interesting.  It amazes me how many stupid people will drive at ridiculous speeds in such conditions and with no head lamps on.  Just look at the accident that happened down in Kent.  For those of you abroad reading this we had a 130 vehicle pile up in such conditions. It was a miracle that nobody was seriously hurt or worse still killed.  

Anyway that's me off my soap box.............

So what else can we look forward to in Autumn in the UK, which I have to say it is my favourite season.  I love the smell and the colours of Autumn. Of course it also means for those of us who are dedicated crafter's who make beautiful gifts each year, your attentions will be turning to what you can make for family and friends for Christmas this year.   Oh I'm sorry did I just say the 'C' word I do apologise.  That said I did go to a local garden centre last week whilst still in the month of August and there they were putting out Christmas cards and wrapping paper etc...... and the children hadn't even returned to school here in the UK at that point.

For those of us who are 'Downton Abbey' fans, the long wait will be over and series 3 will be on our screens.  I know it is now shown in other countries but I don't know what series you are up to and therefore I won't spoil your watching by referring to anything that happened in series 2 or the Christmas special from 2012. But as per usual it was all very dramatic.

Have a good week one and all .................


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