Monday, 8 July 2013

Glorious Week & a Glorious Weekend

The weather was just glorious last week across the fens. Only trouble being that I spent the majority sat in a hot stuffy office.  Number 3 son had his school concert on Thursday. Each class had made a short video which will be entered into the LAFTA's (Lincolnshire Awards for Film, Teamwork and Achievement). They all did a spectacular job and there were not many dry eyes that afternoon.  

Daughter is also on her summer vacation from Uni and waited with trepidation of her first year exam results. Having told us for weeks that she thought she would probably have to resit some if not all (oh little Miss Confidence) she had passed them all and can now relax and enjoy the rest of her summer break before knuckling down for her second year.  

Well what a glorious weekend it has been.  The weather has been superb and gave me a chance to spend time in the garden in the sunshine.  Lots of flowers are coming into bloom here at 'The Willows' here's just  a small selection.

Oriental Poppies


And who could forget Andy Murray's triumph of winning his first Wimbledon Final becoming the first British man to win the title in 77 years. 

Have a good week everyone


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